My life as a lightworker

-find your soul and life will feel so much better-



These fingers are sorry (Happy birthday!)

They are sorry for being away from what they enjoy doing, writing, for so long. It’s been a bit over a year since they’ve turned numb and unable to put words together in a phrase. They’ve tried at the begging... Continue Reading →

Divine writer’s block

The first days of my awakening I have been guided to write this book about my life. I can hear you think "Hmmm you are only 27" but, trust me, this human experience I had so far is more than... Continue Reading →

Happy 2 months awakened lightworker

Exactly two months ago is when it all started. You can read more about it here and here. I had no clue that Earth is ascending, I have never heard of lightworkers and I didn't believe in anything besides what I could see.... Continue Reading →

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