My life as a lightworker

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Your life will never be the same

As 5 minutes ago, as yesterday, as last week or as it was years ago. Humans tend to live with this longing feeling of missing the “good old days”. I’m sure everyone can relate to this, we all have that... Continue Reading →

The joy of dying

Sometimes I wish I could morn like most of the people that I know and actually feel sadness when someone leaves this human world just to be more socially acceptable. But I can't and maybe that's just me. I have... Continue Reading →

Bright light visit 

Last night I've put my moonstone under my pillow after a long break praying to get some guidance during my sleep. So I've been woken up around 5am by a very bright and white light, emanating peace and feeling like... Continue Reading →

Spiritual silence fixed with Reiki Karuna

Even though my human side was so busy recently there has been some silence coming from the spiritual side. The dreams were still there, they never leave me, but it wasn't anything that I could actually interpret and use in... Continue Reading →

Harry Edwards Sanctuary 

It's been a while, a busy while actually. The past few weeks kept me more busy than usual and I wasn't able to find the time nor the energy to get some inspiration for WordPress. But things have settled down... Continue Reading →


I am so curious if I'm the only one feeling like this. I've noticed that when my human life is speeding fast and many important events are happening (usually not so pleasant ones) I get this feeling of being split.... Continue Reading →

Introduce yourself 

During my entire life I've been having lyrics of songs pop in my head at moments that I first considered to be random. But, with time, I've noticed that every single "random" song that came to me was a solution... Continue Reading →

Dreams-school trips

During the past couple of months I went on school trips in dream land more than I ever went on in "real life". Usually I get these dreams about school trips 2-3 nights a week. There have been dreams when... Continue Reading →

Rome- Castel Sant’ Angelo

What can I say besides "perfect"? It was my second time visiting Rome but I was there last weekend for another purpose than the first time.  Not long after my awakening I knew I had to go to Rome to visit Castel Sant'... Continue Reading →

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