My life as a lightworker

-find your soul and life will feel so much better-



The captain

During the past couple of weeks I have been getting messages from my guides about a captain. I was supposed to ask him for guidance. I even saw a picture of him, being young and dressed in an army uniform.... Continue Reading →

My souls knows when it’s time to shine the light

Days are passing and I get more amused at how the Universe (Multiverse?!) is working. I wake up every day thanking for being here and for having the opportunity to spread some light to the ones in need. I usually... Continue Reading →

“No! Why me?”

Even the darkest times have rays of light if you look in the right places. Even our worst human experiences will eventually turn into something good. It might seem horrible living those experiences, might make you feel like you did nothing to deserve them but in the end you will be wiser, you will carry more love and maybe another lesson learnt.

How to kill your Ego?

Don't forget, our soul is meant to be stronger than anything else that is part of us. Just give it a chance to glow and it will "blind" you and everyone around you with bliss, happiness and love.

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