My life as a lightworker

-find your soul and life will feel so much better-



What if?

In the end, after someone leaves our lives, we are only left with a “What if?” Isn’t that a cruel thought?

Don’t be a drop in someone’s ocean

Be the ocean for a drop...


Silence is the sound I love, Silence, whisper for my ear, Silence is the noise I want Pushing limits in my head.

I choose to choose

I choose to laugh instead of cry, I choose the hi instead of bye, I choose to thank instead of ask, I choose the love instead of mask, I choose the peace instead of fear, I choose to live instead... Continue Reading →


People usually forget what life is Until something happens and they wake up, Realizing that life is much more than what they ever thought, Everlasting and so clean.


I feel empty, I feel weak, Having no clue what I seek, I feel like I belong to you, Time flies by and so do you. I feel like I've missed the chance To be loved and now I glance... Continue Reading →

The reality of Seasons

Winter's knocking on the door And I now get to see a whole Of the seasons that were made All in perfect, loving shape. Spring for flowers to be born, Trees and plants are all now shown To the people... Continue Reading →


Well today I got some guiding And I know that it is hiding All that message from above That I should see with love. But right now I can't look past All the symbols but at last I can hope... Continue Reading →


Here I am and wonder why Everything is sometimes a try When instead it should be waiting For the divine moment, that's in the making? We struggle to find the truth Which is sometimes hard to prove, Just because it's... Continue Reading →

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