My life as a lightworker

-find your soul and life will feel so much better-



My own energy

Is coming back at me! Finally, I was missing it so badly and kept wondering where it was. Someone here, on WordPress, suggested that my higher self was busy working on something on a different level and that this was... Continue Reading →

Learning patience part II

I'm writing this post to continue my story about patience learning. A bit over a week has passed since this person that's supposed to learn patience with me reappeared in my life. I didn't think I would need THIS MUCH PATIENCE... Continue Reading →

Sophia of Jesus Christ?!

Ok so this is a topic I've tried to write about before but gave up thinking it gets a bit too much into religion and into details that I don't know very well yet. Today I've decided to share my... Continue Reading →

These palms I’ve got-To Reiki or not to Reiki?

I have been talking about my ears that play games on me and how I  managed to understand what is going on with them here. This time I want to tell you about these two palms I have that are starting... Continue Reading →

These ears of mine

My ears have been playing funny games on me during this year of 2016 and even more after my awakening as a conscious lightworker. They started acting weird around June, that's when I've first realized something was different. I've spent... Continue Reading →


I have never doubted my psychic abilities but sometimes I am impressed of how fast my prayers get answered. I am not saying it happens every single time but it sure happened most of the times so far. Just relaxing,... Continue Reading →

How to kill your Ego?

Don't forget, our soul is meant to be stronger than anything else that is part of us. Just give it a chance to glow and it will "blind" you and everyone around you with bliss, happiness and love.

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