My life as a lightworker

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These fingers are sorry (Happy birthday!)

They are sorry for being away from what they enjoy doing, writing, for so long. It’s been a bit over a year since they’ve turned numb and unable to put words together in a phrase. They’ve tried at the begging... Continue Reading →

The joy of dying

Sometimes I wish I could morn like most of the people that I know and actually feel sadness when someone leaves this human world just to be more socially acceptable. But I can't and maybe that's just me. I have... Continue Reading →


Like I've said before I don't really care about age, name, gender or anything like that and I'm not the type to get upset if someone forgets my birthday. Let's be honest, most people shouldn't even talk to me if they would... Continue Reading →


Most people are amazed at my ability to trust. They might call me naive to my face or just give me that sympathetic smile meaning "You'll see some day..." Well guess what?! I've seen it so many times before.  People... Continue Reading →

Story time: A messenger of God 

Last summer I traveled to U.K. to attend a concert that I was dreaming to go to since forever. The concert took place in June while my awakening happened in July, so it wasn't long before that.  As always, I would rather... Continue Reading →

First Reiki full treatment on a patient 

Today I had my friend over, the one that just lost her father recently and she is in a sad place, feeling lost and alone. She called me a few days ago asking me if I know any therapist for her because... Continue Reading →

First Snow for 2017

Oh, how I love the sound snow is making under my feet! I'm so in love with winter! ❤ ​​

I love 

~To love~

What a feeling-friendship 

What a feeling when I talk to my friend about how far we've got in the past few years. By far I mean spiritually and emotionally wise, we've grown and we only now see all the connections that were there... Continue Reading →

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