My life as a lightworker

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Conversations that make me sick. One awakening symptom

Literally sick. Since my awakening I have started to reject more and more of the conversations that make me feel ill. I've observed which topics can cause different symptoms in my body and I know what to stay away from, at... Continue Reading →

These ears of mine

My ears have been playing funny games on me during this year of 2016 and even more after my awakening as a conscious lightworker. They started acting weird around June, that's when I've first realized something was different. I've spent... Continue Reading →

Lightworker losing friends

It's hard when you lose people that you love or just care for. I am not talking about any death related loss, just about people leaving our lives because...that's just the way things are meant to happen. I will tell... Continue Reading →

Why I don’t care about age, sex, birthdays and time 

Today is Saint Alexander in the orthodox religion and I am supposed to be called by tons of people (even thought my number of friends barely reaches half a gram). My name is Alexandra, they say. I've always disliked my... Continue Reading →

29 July 2016-my unwanted enlightenment part II -download of knowings

Sitting there on my bed, trying to shake off this flood of thoughts and feelings was hard work. I finally gave in and decided to go with whatever was happening even though that could mean the start of schizophrenia or... Continue Reading →

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