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Energy of others-thoughts of an empath

I turned 31 in March and I just recently realized something that has blown my mind. Through the years I would get periods of about a month when I would feel completely different and not like myself. I would start... Continue Reading →

Energy draining-learning patience part I

I've been having a rough couple of days and I'm wondering what's causing all this. I don't like complaining but acknowledging it and looking for a solution might help. I went to a workshop on Saturday morning, something related to... Continue Reading →


Sitting here for a couple of days and waiting for these USA elections to come and finally to be over. I don't watch the news and I avoid knowing too much that doesn't help me grow my soul. Anyhow, I... Continue Reading →

The silence of death

I woke up today with my intuition being a bit too strong for me. I've tried ignoring it but I finally gave in, it was telling me "GO OUTSIDE!". But where? No answer... So I've decided to get dressed and... Continue Reading →


I have been over analyzing everything during the past days, that's one side effect of having lower vibrations recently. But I did get to one useful conclusion: I have noticed that, while being surrounded by people, I sometimes have thoughts... Continue Reading →

Living as an empath

Being an empath can be no fun sometimes, many times actually. I have always been gifted with huge empathy for people but since I've been aware of my mission as a lightworker things have changed. Not only that I can... Continue Reading →

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