My life as a lightworker

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What if?

In the end, after someone leaves our lives, we are only left with a “What if?” Isn’t that a cruel thought?

Still learning 

It's been a though few months regarding my partner for patience learning. It still doesn't seem to me like any of us has learnt any patience at all but I've surely grown. I've grown to a point where I understand that... Continue Reading →

I’m not special

I've had some busy days, like proper spiritual busy that I've been missing for so long. I had dreams that revealed so much to me and helped me understand where I stand right now and what I should do next.... Continue Reading →

The captain

During the past couple of weeks I have been getting messages from my guides about a captain. I was supposed to ask him for guidance. I even saw a picture of him, being young and dressed in an army uniform.... Continue Reading →

Happy 2 months awakened lightworker

Exactly two months ago is when it all started. You can read more about it here and here. I had no clue that Earth is ascending, I have never heard of lightworkers and I didn't believe in anything besides what I could see.... Continue Reading →

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