My life as a lightworker

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The joy of dying

Sometimes I wish I could morn like most of the people that I know and actually feel sadness when someone leaves this human world just to be more socially acceptable. But I can't and maybe that's just me. I have... Continue Reading →

Back in 2012

I got up in the middle of the night thinking "Man, that was such a nice dream! I want more!" Somehow I've dreamt that I was in the present time and I've called my mom and she told me that... Continue Reading →

Bright light visit 

Last night I've put my moonstone under my pillow after a long break praying to get some guidance during my sleep. So I've been woken up around 5am by a very bright and white light, emanating peace and feeling like... Continue Reading →

Last night was futuristic 

I've had a night full of dreams and got to see so many people that I haven't thought of for ages. Besides the random bits of dreaming where I was going to school camps again, then back in class, running... Continue Reading →

What a feeling-friendship 

What a feeling when I talk to my friend about how far we've got in the past few years. By far I mean spiritually and emotionally wise, we've grown and we only now see all the connections that were there... Continue Reading →

Dreams-school trips

During the past couple of months I went on school trips in dream land more than I ever went on in "real life". Usually I get these dreams about school trips 2-3 nights a week. There have been dreams when... Continue Reading →

Life is like sleeping

Without having an alarm set. Now you are dreaming....and now you are up. Just like that.  Have a lovely day and cherish each moment you have of this beautiful dream. Feel loved and spread love! ❤️

The bench…

He used to sit on that bench and tell me stories. I am back now but the bench is empty. He isn't there, it's just me, many years older. He loved looking up to the sky, as much as I... Continue Reading →

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