My life as a lightworker

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What if?

In the end, after someone leaves our lives, we are only left with a “What if?” Isn’t that a cruel thought?

My Lesson Number 2: How to unchain yourself from the conditional love trauma. Part I

Hello beautiful ones. This is going to be a long post so grab some popcorn and sit tight. It's been a long while since my awakening (you can read about it here and here ). It's been more... Continue Reading →

Your life will never be the same

As 5 minutes ago, as yesterday, as last week or as it was years ago. Humans tend to live with this longing feeling of missing the “good old days”. I’m sure everyone can relate to this, we all have that... Continue Reading →

What’s time…?

What's time when you don't know if it's day or night?  If you don't know if what happened yesterday was indeed just a day before or weeks ago?  What's time when you don't sleep?  When you care for a loved... Continue Reading →

Rome- Castel Sant’ Angelo

What can I say besides "perfect"? It was my second time visiting Rome but I was there last weekend for another purpose than the first time.  Not long after my awakening I knew I had to go to Rome to visit Castel Sant'... Continue Reading →

Divine writer’s block

The first days of my awakening I have been guided to write this book about my life. I can hear you think "Hmmm you are only 27" but, trust me, this human experience I had so far is more than... Continue Reading →

Nothing but the truth 

Once the pain has gone forever We can learn to love together Love this planet, good or bad It's the house we always had. Treat it with respect and cherish If you don't want it to vanish  From this universe,... Continue Reading →


Since all these changes took place I am compelled (in the best way possible, full of love and Divine support) to pass some messages on. I never thought about any of the things I am writing and even now, reading... Continue Reading →

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