My life as a lightworker

-find your soul and life will feel so much better-

Bright light visit 

Last night I've put my moonstone under my pillow after a long break praying to get some guidance during my sleep. So I've been woken up around 5am by a very bright and white light, emanating peace and feeling like... Continue Reading →


7 Cups

Everytime someone is asking me what I'm best at my response will be something like: "Listening, I'm a professional listener" and the conversation will turn funny and everyone would enjoy something they thought it's a good joke. If they only... Continue Reading →

Spiritual silence fixed with Reiki Karuna

Even though my human side was so busy recently there has been some silence coming from the spiritual side. The dreams were still there, they never leave me, but it wasn't anything that I could actually interpret and use in... Continue Reading →

I love the sky

Now that is a nice way to start my day. What more could I ask for? Coming from -15 degrees to this beautiful weather with a perfect little rainbow.  This is how I'm enjoying my last morning in the U.K.,... Continue Reading →


It's happening, hopefully with a peaceful ending. People are starting to have enough of the corruption that's everywhere in Romania. I can't name one area of our Romanian society that isn't corrupted right now, starting with politics, educational and health... Continue Reading →

Harry Edwards Sanctuary 

It's been a while, a busy while actually. The past few weeks kept me more busy than usual and I wasn't able to find the time nor the energy to get some inspiration for WordPress. But things have settled down... Continue Reading →


How silly of me to think that losing my old friends that I had before my awakening was something tough. Yes, it was hard to deal with the situation at times but it wasn't as exhausting as things are becoming now.  Apparently... Continue Reading →

Reminiscence-one year and a half 

I had a nap this afternoon even though I'm not the type to enjoy naps. I like my sleep but not for a couple of hours only, especially at 6 pm. But today, while reading a bit about Sophia I could feel... Continue Reading →

Story time: A messenger of God 

Last summer I traveled to U.K. to attend a concert that I was dreaming to go to since forever. The concert took place in June while my awakening happened in July, so it wasn't long before that.  As always, I would rather... Continue Reading →

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