My life as a lightworker

-find your soul and life will feel so much better-

Befriended the stars 

Every now and then I go out for a walk, late at night, when there's only a few people out, the dreamers, just like me. Every walk at night is giving me this feeling of relief; how can I consider... Continue Reading →


Offering means getting 

I know I've been away for a long while now but, as always, life intervened with unexpected events that kept me away from my true self. I'm still struggling to integrate my newly discovered life with the day to day... Continue Reading →

Gratitude Easter 

It's the feeling  surrounding this Easter for me. There are no words to describe how grateful I am feeling for this life and for everything that ever came with it and that's going to come.  Happy Easter! ❤️


Like I've said before I don't really care about age, name, gender or anything like that and I'm not the type to get upset if someone forgets my birthday. Let's be honest, most people shouldn't even talk to me if they would... Continue Reading →


Most people are amazed at my ability to trust. They might call me naive to my face or just give me that sympathetic smile meaning "You'll see some day..." Well guess what?! I've seen it so many times before.  People... Continue Reading →

Message passed on

My meditation today was short but intense. 10 minutes of me trying to relax and only getting nudges in return from a spirit. "You must tell him, do it!" Frustrated, I gave up and ended my meditation.  Not even half... Continue Reading →

Still learning 

It's been a though few months regarding my partner for patience learning. It still doesn't seem to me like any of us has learnt any patience at all but I've surely grown. I've grown to a point where I understand that... Continue Reading →

5am Rain

Rain feels to me like it's washing away everything that isn't in perfect order, every feeling that doesn't actually belong to me and every emotion that doesn't come out of love. Rain has the effect of a reset button.  Laying... Continue Reading →

Fake it ’til you make it…out of there 

It's been a long while since I had to fake it big time, like I did this evening.  I had a very good friend of mine that I've lost contact with for a couple of years. The reasons were silly... Continue Reading →

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