I turned 31 in March and I just recently realized something that has blown my mind.

Through the years I would get periods of about a month when I would feel completely different and not like myself. I would start listening to music that I don’t usually listen to or I would start dressing differently for example. The changes were always many but very subtle that it took me so long to realize what’s happening. Sometimes I would even change my aspirations in life, hobbies, food preferences and so on, apparently completely random and I wouldn’t think much of it. People change and have moods, right?

But I’ve come to the realization that, while being an empath and a light worker, things don’t just happen randomly, for no reasons. It took me a few “test tries” to understand that I was picking on energy, emotions, thoughts and personalities of people before they even came into my life. That sounds crazy, right? Well it definitely feels like it.

I’ve started analyzing the new people I kept meeting through the past couple of years and, after getting to know them a bit, I would understand that whatever I was feeling in the weeks or months prior to the meeting didn’t belong to me, it wasn’t me and I wasn’t like that.

The easiest example that comes to my mind took place some years ago when I suddenly started liking camo clothing while it wasn’t even trending anymore. I deeply disliked it my entire life but I woke up one day with the need to fill my wardrobe with camo outfits. Other subtle changes took place too but this was the most obvious one. I’ve met someone, and not after much talking, I’ve understood that that person had a closet full of camo. I understand now it wasn’t me liking the camo outfits and my passion for it disappeared after that person left my life.

I wish I had an explanation for all this but my best guess would be that everything is planned way before we think of it. There must be some Divine plan, always changing and evolving while we adapt to it. I believe that before incarceration we have a “friendly meeting” with the souls that are going to keep us company during our next life. And somehow, being an empath, I feel that energy way faster that I would expect it to happen. There isn’t much I can do about it, besides shielding myself with energy and praying that whatever doesn’t belong to me leaves me. I think that’s important for everyone, not only in my case.

Has this ever happened to you? Are there any theories out there related to this that I should read about? I would appreciate any insight or opinion.

Feel loved and share love ❤️