Makes us search for it on the outside. This is one complex lesson that I’ve learnt the hard way. It sounds so simple and logical but it was hard for me to actually feel the truth behind it, to incorporate it into my whole being.

I’ve always considered myself a very loving and passionate person. I fall in love so easily with people, places, animals, objects, situations and the list could go on. I love being in love and especially sharing my love with others. But, as it happens, love is not always shared back. The pain of not feeling loved is something that has tortured me for years and it still does to these days. It doesn’t happen so frequently anymore because I’ve came to understand that as long as I am not offering myself all the amount of love I need, I will keep hurting and feeling like people don’t love me as much as I “deserve”.

I find it funny how life is so ever changing. You think you’ve learnt something, you move on from that lessen feeling wiser but reality hits you again after some time with another “test”. Sometimes we pass, other times we fail but we keep growing and evolving. And through all the changes that take place in our life our best ally should be our self love. Nothing and no one can replace that. Nobody can help us find it, it’s an intimate journey and a personal discovery process.