They are sorry for being away from what they enjoy doing, writing, for so long. It’s been a bit over a year since they’ve turned numb and unable to put words together in a phrase. They’ve tried at the begging of last year but felt frustrated and gave up. Life around them was a bit hectic and they couldn’t write with the passion they used to. They still had plenty ideas but they couldn’t find the words to express them.

Months have passed and these fingers spent the half of 2018 caressing a new loved ones skin and very soon a constantly growing belly. Of course, the extension of the fingers (read as ME), loved chocolate but that wasn’t the reason they wanted to caress that tummy. There was a tiny cell growing inside and it soon turned into full power kicking baby. It was so weird to them, they never touched a pregnant tummy before and it freaked them out at first. But they learnt to play with and tickle the baby inside. You know, just the normal way that fingers show affection.

Time was flying, frustration was growing because they still weren’t able to write but the baby was keeping them happy and entertained.

May comes and these fingers have witnessed a lot of hospital related s@&t. They’ve seen a lot of needles, brushing, scans, tears, exams and much more for a month. They had time to write a couple of thoughts while being in the hospital but nothing felt good enough or right to them.

June brought them an amazing moment that can not be compared to anything else. They got to touch for the very first time a premature newborn, a tiny nose, mouth and feet. They got to play with the little human that kept them entertained for so many months.

But they were not out of the woods yet. They spent the summer, until September, being busy taking pills and doing injections become their owner was diagnosed with a blood disease. No one knew the cause and they assumed it’s “one of those pregnancy things that resolves itself”. They believe taking the treatment would turn them again into perfect, healthy fingers.

Oh, man, how wrong they were. Here we are, 9 months after they touched the tiny human for the first time and they needed to be seen by a doctor again. Apparently the owner is having some serious health problems. Might be genetic, degenerative and incurable.

These fingers are still waiting for a final diagnosis while they keep praying. They keep praying God will give them back the strength and inspiration to continue doing what they enjoy the most: writing.

Meanwhile, they will tuck the baby in for the night and play with her little curls until she is off to Dream Land.

Happy birthday Fingers, you turn 30 tomorrow and you got a hell of a gift so far. I wonder what’s next?!

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