The sun is shining, the birds are minding their daily routine of waking me up and waiting for bread crumbs. I look outside and it doesn’t feel like Christmas. Where is the snow that I love so much?

The same old buildings that look so empty and quiet, there is no one on the streets and I wonder where they are all hiding?! Are they already having Christmas lunch? It’s too early for that. Maybe they are all gathered around Christmas trees and opening present? Or just sleeping in because they’ve been running like maniacs during the past couple of weeks? Whatever they are doing I’m loving this atmosphere. Silence at its best! Not even a cloud disturbing the perfect blue sky. Just a plane taking people from places to places on the Christmas Day.

It’s been hectic during the past weeks, like any other December, and it’s been driving me crazy. Maybe you remember from last year that I am The Grinch. This silence is the one I am looking for during holidays and I am finally getting it.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Feel loved and spread love! ❤️