How do people manage to stay calm and composed and keep smiling when someone is being mean to them, or if they constantly get criticized and judge or given advice without asking for any? I know I can smile politely when someone keeps doing that to me but deep inside I am on fire thinking “How dare he/she?”

A couple of years ago I would get really enraged by behavior like that but since integrating my conscious spiritual side it’s been harder to act like that. I don’t want to let all that anger out because I know it would hurt both me and the other person. But at the same time I don’t want to keep it in. That’s what’s bringing me to the conclusion that I should do something to stop getting annoyed by what others say to me. Well and here is the fine line that I can’t quite see clearly yet between observing the situation and not having a reaction like an evolved spiritual being and just letting people stomp on you. Where is that line?!

I don’t think that being conscious of how the Universe is working and talking to my higher self and so on means that I should take anything from anyone. If someone thinks that’s arrogant I can only say that I am sorry but I do wish my own well being.

Until I find that fine line and try to achieve it I get back home each day, breath in deeply, let it all out and pray to God to guide me towards overcoming the anger that other people cause me.

Sorry if this was a bit too angry compared to any of my other articles but, just as the name says it, it’s just another day in the life of a lightworker.

Feel loved and spread love! ❤️