This is one of those times again when I’m completely exhausted by the past months; way too many changes took place and way too many “wrong” choices have been made. I somehow choose the longer and rougher path to everything. As a newly awaken lightworker I’m still trying to figure things out. Still have plenty to learn about grounding, protection and mostly about how to stop procrastinating. I do know one thing for sure, that I sometimes love others more than I love myself. I set myself aside thinking that nothing is that urgent and I focus my entire attention and affection towards someone else. Sometimes I even wonder if I’m scared of what I might find within?! In my past years I never thought this habit is something that can cause any harm to me but since having a wider perspective about life I can see and feel these effects clearly. 

It’s time for me to end some chapters, draw a line and see what to learn, what to keep and what to let go of. It’s going to take a while but I’m up for it. This was just a quick post, just a few thoughts that needed to come out 🙂 

Feel loved and spread love! ❤️

Ps: meanwhile, while checking my blog stats I’ve notice that someone searched for “how to be a happy lightworker?”. If someone has a clear answer to that please let me know, until then, I can only try and build with small bricks the happiness I’m looking for. After all, we all have it inside but letting it shine is a thought task 

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