I got up in the middle of the night thinking “Man, that was such a nice dream! I want more!”

Somehow I’ve dreamt that I was in the present time and I’ve called my mom and she told me that the date she was in was July 2012. Hmmm, quick conclusion “Mom, I’m calling from the future to let you know what’s going to happen.” She grabbed a pen and a notebook and started writing down everything I was telling her. 

I’ve told her that I’m still not married and still don’t have kids, that I’ve started a second college which I’ve always wanted, psychology. I’ve made a resume for her, talking about the current world weather, the terrorism, the political problems that we are going through and basically everything that’s been happening in the world and in our family in the past five years. I’ve told her about Grandpa, his illness and the fact that he is in a care center now. She was in shock and she obviously didn’t want that to happen but I’ve reassured her that things are not that bad, saying “Don’t worry mom, this is just the future I’m in, we can create another one. It’s ok, things are not that bad”. I knew that every possible future was open for us and that we could change it and mold it according to our thoughts and wishes. It was such a happy thought. 

Half asleep and half awake my dream continued with me knowing that I was in this 5 years time loop, that would repeat itself over and over again and I was struggling to find a way to escape it. I knew who I was going to meet and what I was going to do and I kept looking for a way out, to break the time loop. I wanted to meet people in 2012 that I’ve already met in 2017 and I was wondering how that will go, how they would be 5 years before and if I could tell them what I’m going through. 

I woke up in the middle of the night, wide awake, with these thoughts about what time really is and how we can alter it, about the future that we can constantly change and about the past that can also be worked on. I didn’t wanna go back to sleep, I wanted to write it all down to make sure I won’t forget it in the morning. But that didn’t happen and, instead, a calming and comforting presence came next to me and helped me go back to sleep.

And now I ask, what is time after all? 

Feel loved and spread love! ❤️

Source of picture: https://www.google.ro/amp/s/pleaidianslove.wordpress.com/2013/02/22/time-is-fluid/amp/