Be someone else. 

Since my awakening (you can read more about it here and here) people have been having saint-like expectations from me, asking for guidance or answers and judging my human flaws. Well lucky for me, I never said I’ve become a saint nor that I have all the answers.  

I struggle everyday to incorporate into my life my newly found side of me and knowledge that has been offered to me in the past year. I find myself looking for a balance between the person I’ve been and that I’ve known for 27 years and the one that I’ve just met a year ago. It’s literally like trying to live with your new self 24/7 and you don’t know how. I sometimes struggle with even the smallest things and I’m debating in my head about what options are best for me. Now I’m concious of my higher self and I can’t ignore it like I used to do, I’m aware of my spiritual guides and other entities that are helping me but still, it’s hard to incorporate it all in my daily life. 

I make mistakes, maybe some that I’ve done before too, maybe bigger ones. It’s all part of my growing process. Even though my life is different that it was a year ago there still is that old me inside that’s having days when it just wants to get out, scream and take control over my life. I’m practicing Reiki selftreatment as often as I can, I meditate, I try to raise my vibration, I make concious decisions as often as possible and, when I feel trapped in my 3D life, I remind myself of all the beautiful things Divinity has offered me in the past year. Maybe I’m taking baby steps but I’m sure taking them and becoming a better version of myself with each day. No one said this will be an easy road (quite the opposite, my guides assured me at the beginning of this journey that I’ll have to work hard to get where I am supposed to) but nothing is taking me back. I’ve set my goals and I’m going to get them, no matter how much time or effort I’ll have to put into them, no matter how many though days of struggle I’ll be having. I know that eventually I’ll be reaching my destination and fulfill my mission. 

 And that’s how it goes, just another day in the life of a newly awakened lightworker.
Feel loved and spread love! ❤️
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