Every now and then I go out for a walk, late at night, when there’s only a few people out, the dreamers, just like me. Every walk at night is giving me this feeling of relief; how can I consider my “problems” major when I look up to the sky and change my perspective? So many stars, so many planets out there and so many souls struggling to “make it”. 

While I was deeply contemplating life, the Universe and the Divinity, I’ve heard them speak to me, answering every question that was going through my mind. Not being good at astronomy didn’t help me find accurate names for my new friends but tonight they offered me comfort and love, letting me know that everything will be fine. The stars reminded me that I’m on my right path, doing the perfect thing with the perfect timing.

Their light is shining bright on me tonight. 

Does it ever happen to you? To look up to the sky and to hear it talk? 
Feel loved and spread love! ❤️ 
Ps: couldn’t capture any stars with the camera of my phone but the moon is also looking bright and feeling full of love