I know I’ve been away for a long while now but, as always, life intervened with unexpected events that kept me away from my true self. I’m still struggling to integrate my newly discovered life with the day to day one. 

As much as I love the sun I haven’t been allowed to get out of the house for the past week. My skin starts disliking all the heat that struck Romania and I’m currently on treatment and waiting for things to get back to normal. But this evening I took advantage of the clouds and the summer breeze and went out for a walk along side the water. Oh, how I’ve missed my evening walks, just being myself, one with the nature. Besides my skin problem I’m also struggling to understand some aspects of what happened in my life during the past months and I’m trying to integrate aspects of myself and get rid of the ones that no longer serve me good. I just needed to sit by myself and contemplate everything. Feeling kind of gloomy but still enjoying this view 

a nice lady walked by. She caught my attention right away and I didn’t know why. She walked past and then returned to ask me to take a picture of her. I gladly took plenty because, hey, we know how women take pictures, it’s always better to have more than just one hehe. She thanked me politely and looked me in the eyes, smiling, like she knew all the things that I was contemplating. She offered me this small bouquet of lavender 

and simply said “Here, take it, I hope it helps you, it is from the church, from the Sanziene, I have more at home.” Sanziene is the Romanian word for the holiday that was celebrated on the 24 of June,The Birth of Saint John the Baptist

Well thank you for that Divinity, I don’t know what message is hiding behind these flowers but I know for sure that the lady was sent there and meant to offer them to me. We all know the calming effects of lavender so maybe that’s all I need to do right now: relax and let things flow naturally. 

Feel loved and spread love! ❤️

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