Like I’ve said before I don’t really care about age, name, gender or anything like that and I’m not the type to get upset if someone forgets my birthday. Let’s be honest, most people shouldn’t even talk to me if they would be upset because I’ve forgotten their birthdays. 

But today is one of those days that they call my birthday. I’m turning an age that means a lot to me, I’ve spent half of my life looking for myself and the other half rebelling against who I truly was. It’s only been a few months since the both processes have collided and created who I am today. 

As much as I don’t care when I was born in this life the people around me managed to surprise me and they made me start my day crying. I woke up to messages that I never thought I would get and they truly touched my heart. 

People would usually say “Happy Birthday” and that’s pretty much it but this year the people around me wrote stories for me from the bottom of their hearts, told me why they love me, why we are friends, why I mean something to them and other things like that. As you may know, my number of friends got shortened day by day but the ones that are left mean the world to me and I am so thankful to have them around. 
 I don’t know if it has anything to do with my awakening, maybe I’ve become more open about my feelings towards them since July so they are returning them now. It’s amazing and I couldn’t feel more loved. I must say it’s the most sentimental birthday I ever had and I’m grateful for having so many amazing and loving souls in my life. I’m greateful for walking this Earth for 28 years! 
This year I can truly wish Happy birthday to myself! 

Feel loved and spread love! ❤
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