Most people are amazed at my ability to trust. They might call me naive to my face or just give me that sympathetic smile meaning “You’ll see some day…” Well guess what?! I’ve seen it so many times before. 

People using my trust in them against me, disappointing me, hurting me, lying to me, cheating, stealing and so on. I think it happens to all of us but what does that mean? That I must start every new friendship or any type of relationship thinking “Oh, I know this person is going to hurt me like the ones before”? It’s against my nature to do that. I would rather get hurt many more times than not give credit to people. Let’s add the fact that positive thinking has more chances of bringing you a happy result than negative thinking. Even so, some people are going to mess things up. But that won’t stop me from seeing the good in everyone, that won’t stop me for trying to understand someone’s actions. This is not a conscious choice that I’m making, it feels natural to start every interaction with a person with happy thoughts. 

I hear so many people that have trust issues because of the things that happened before. I must admit, I’m happy I’m not dealing with that because it seems to be something hard to over come. I talk to people and try to explain my point of view with real examples. If my first boyfriend cheated on me what am I supposed to do, to become paranoid and crazy jealous in all my future relationships? Who does that help? It’s only a harm I’m doing to myself and to the relationships. They look at me wondering what I’m high on. But that’s ok, I know the name of it, I call it trust
I’m making a promise to myself to never loose trust and hope, to never stop seeing the good parts of others and of situations. I’m living every experience with joy, happiness, love and excitement like it’s the first time I’m going through it. Who knows, maybe this time it will turn out different…

Feel loved and spread love! ❤

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