My meditation today was short but intense. 10 minutes of me trying to relax and only getting nudges in return from a spirit. “You must tell him, do it!” Frustrated, I gave up and ended my meditation. 

Not even half an hour later I’ve got a surprise visit from my patience friend. I wasn’t expecting it, I was actually upset with him for the way he behaved the last time we spoke and I’ve also deleted his number. Following our chaser and runner pattern he came looking for me this time. My surprise wasn’t small when I saw him standing at my door and asking “Did you make me coffee?” 

Before being able to react and say something he was sitting in my kitchen waiting for that coffee. My mind was going crazy, arguing with the Univers and the Divinity; “For real? You must be kidding me. Is this how it works? I must ignore him to get his attention? What’s wrong with him? Is he insane?”. Divinity just gave me a spiritual smile (does that thing even exist?!) this time, reassuring me that things will be ok. 

Coffee was made and here I was, contemplating the idea of actually telling him what the spirit of his father wanted me to tell him. I’ve thought to myself: “What could go wrong? We don’t stand each other already while still feeling some attraction, we don’t talk that often anyway and we see each other once every few months. There is nothing to loose.” I’ve stopped caring about what he might think, I’ve stopped wondering if he would see me as a lunatic and I’ve told him straight forward what exactly is happening, the often visits that I get from the spirit of his father and what he wants him to know. I’m guilty of not saying everything but I’m sure that things will unfold naturally and he will figure some things out by himself. I was surprised to see how much interest he had in what I was telling him because I was sure that he would react in a completely different manner. Guilty again for not being confident and positive. 
In the end he was happy to hear what I had to tell him, he was curious to know how you can connect to someone that only lives in spirit and he wanted all the details so he could understand. I couldn’t believe it, I was so happy for him and for his father, I knew that I did the right thing even if it took me 5 months. 

It’s been 5 months of torment for me, wondering why my energy can’t settle and why I couldn’t go back to being myself. Now I see it clearly, it had to do with my fear of passing on the message. It was something that only I could have done and it was meant to be this way, I was carrying the energy of a message that was meant for someone else. 
The moment I’ve told him the whole story I could feel my breath coming back to normal, my heart settling back in it’s own place, my head clearing and after all just a huge feeling of relief. I’m free of that energy and it’s almost overwhelming in happiness and relief. I couldn’t be more grateful for being able to help them two communicate. It’s a blessing seeing that you’ve helped someone, even if it’s just a little thing like this one. 

Little does he know, the story doesn’t end here. Only God knows what’s next but I know for sure that this was just a beginning. 
Feel loved and spread love! ❤

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