It’s been a though few months regarding my partner for patience learning. It still doesn’t seem to me like any of us has learnt any patience at all but I’ve surely grown. I’ve grown to a point where I understand that the way I see things isn’t the way the other person sees them and that there isn’t much I can do to show them my point of view, especially if I look at things from a spiritual side while the other one has no clue about these things. 

I’ve been trying to stop contact with this person for the past 4 months and nothing really works because every time I back off he comes chasing and we’ve been playing this game on and on. I’ve always thought it’s easy to let someone go and just ignore the fact that he/she ever existed. I did it before and it was so simple but this time, with all the spiritual awakening I’ve gone through things are different. They are different because I look at the situation from so many point of view, and I rely a lot on what’s being transmitted to me by my spiritual guides. Logic says “stay away, this situation doesn’t bring you any happiness”, my spiritual side comes in saying “he is not ready yet” and then the dreams. Oh, the dreams again that won’t help me let go. I’ve been asking for guidance during my sleep and help to resolve anything that I can’t fix in 3D. And there he is, haunting my dreams and the dreams of people around me, that don’t even know him. And I’m talking about 4-5 dreams a weeks. Well how is that supposed to work with the letting go part when I wake up every day wondering what on Earth all this could be? What’s with this energy? What’s with the dreams? 

Let’s add to that the fact that my meditations are interrupted by his energy that’s always communicating that he needs me. On top of that, I’ve had the same thing happening like it did with my friend, when the higher self of her father didn’t leave me alone until I’ve passed on a message he had for him. This time it’s again about a father that’s looking down from heaven and that seems to want us to be part of each others lives and hopes that I can love this person unconditionally. If someone thoughts you can’t argue with a spirit well I did. I didn’t like what he had to tell me, I’ve questioned him and told him that I’m sure he is just part of my imagination, of what my ego wants. As an answer he offered details about his last days on earth and told me to check and find out for myself that it wasn’t just my imagination. Well thanks for that. He also had some messages for me to pass one and I’m still wondering how do to that considering the fact that my relationship with his son is far from being close. 

Thank you for reading this, I don’t know how helpful this article was for you but it sure was for me, writing it. 

Good luck to me figuring this situation out. Meanwhile, I will keep working on getting myself back, centered and grounded, I will keep cutting cords, using crystals, Reiki and all those things. 

Feel loved and spread love! ❤
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