Rain feels to me like it’s washing away everything that isn’t in perfect order, every feeling that doesn’t actually belong to me and every emotion that doesn’t come out of love. Rain has the effect of a reset button. 

Laying in bed and enjoying the music of nature feels to me like a spiritual shower, all the worries are disappearing with the drops of rain, every thought that shouldn’t be here is being washed away. It does feel like this rain was much needed, I needed a refresh, some clearance and some time to contemplate everything again.

This time I’m wondering where all the birds are hiding during a heavy rain?! Or the stray dogs? What about the homeless people? What would the earth be without rain? Would we still be here? And my thoughts keep coming back at me but this time I’m enjoying them. I let them wonder freely with my new energy. They keep taking me deeper into a relaxing state, and soon I’ll be asleep again…

Good night

Feel loved and spread love ❤