Everytime someone is asking me what I’m best at my response will be something like: “Listening, I’m a professional listener” and the conversation will turn funny and everyone would enjoy something they thought it’s a good joke. If they only knew how much is truly enjoy listening to people…

I’ve found this thing called 7 Cups and it’s an app where you can become either a listener or someone that needs somebody to talk to. There isn’t anything very exciting and people might think I’m crazy using an app that could depress someone so easily. It’s a place where people log in to chat to a listener about their problems. And trust me, there are so many and so various. From drug addictions, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, LGBT related problems and so on. I think there is no ending to the list of the struggles that the people there are going through. 

I had this app last year, a few months before my awakening and I take it as a signal from my soul to remind me of who I am and what I actually enjoy doing. I’ve been using it back then for a few weeks and then life happened and I’ve deleted the app. 

Tonight I’ve remembered how much I used to love listening to life stories and problems so I’ve downloaded the app again. Things happen fast there and as soon as you get online as a listener you’ll have conversation requests. Tonight it was about a panic attack, depression, self harm and unhealed feelings, three different people. I kind of feel bad for getting so much happiness from other people’s problems but I’m looking at it from a spiritual point of view, which is: transmuting low energy and replacing it with something better. Even though this process is happening over many miles apart I feel it like the person I’m talking to is standing in front of me. It’s amazing how much we can help one another by just being there, listening, maybe offering some advice and helping others heal.

 I’m loving the whole concept, whoever created this app for the ones in need and all the listeners there, that are offering their free time to someone that desperately needs it. In case you are curious and got a couple spare hours you should give it a try and let the energy flow freely through you. I know for sure that I won’t let life intervene this time! 

Feel loved and spread love! ❤