Even though my human side was so busy recently there has been some silence coming from the spiritual side. The dreams were still there, they never leave me, but it wasn’t anything that I could actually interpret and use in a practical way. Just more school trips and meetings with old friends that I don’t have around in 3D anymore. It was all nice and fun but my guides were being quiet. Little during my meditations, nothing coming by clairaudience anymore, no claircognizance and even my intuition was letting me down. I knew my karma balancing was still a work in progress and I’ve happily welcomed everyone that wanted to fix that but still… there was too much silence.

Not long ago I’ve also got the Reiki Karuna attunement, following my Reiki Usui one. As you may know, everyone needs to do a self treatment of 21 days so I was patiently sticking to that routine. There is indeed a huge difference in the way the energy feels and the effects it has on me. This time I can see it all happening very quickly and bringing back emotions and memories that I didn’t even knew I had. Besides that, it’s bringing down my tolerance with people. I deeply dislike arguing with someone and I am rearly upset with people but this time it seems like everyone is arguing with me! Ok, I admit, it might be me, getting upset and finding flaws in everything and everyone. But I accept it as being part of me, of the emotions that are getting healed with the new energy of Karuna and I embrace this work in progress (while counting the days left of the self treatment lol). 

Well today, while doing my selftreatment and contemplating the silence, wondering what I could be doing wrong, what I could improve and stuff like that there was a knock on the door. The door of my spiritual ears. It was actually a long beeping sound, enough signal for me to know there is someone that wants to talk to me. This time it was one of my spiritual guides.

“Well hello! It was about time I got some answers!” 

Besides the energy of bliss and love the entity offered me I’ve also got some great insight on my current situation. He assured me that everything that I am doing right now is in correct order with my divine plan. It felt so good to hear that since I have these moments when I’m sometimes wondering if I’m not too slow in accomplishing my mission. But, apparently, I am not. He also surprised me with unexpected answeres to some of my questions and explained why some things are happening in my life at the moment. Apparently I’m growing and learning and all this silence and small emotional struggles will turn me into a wiser and stronger version of myself. Well that is nice to know, that they’ve heard me even when I thought I’m all by myself, while I was struggling to make the right decisions, while I’ve spent hours in silence waiting for answers that didn’t come. It wasn’t time for me to receive the answers, not until today. And, adding the Karuna energy, it turned into magic. I couldn’t feel more greatful for what the guiding I’ve received today! Wow! 

Long story short: starting from today on, I’m loving the Karuna energy with whatever it’s bringing with it. Guides, let’s make a deal: I’m accepting the karma as long as we stay in touch like this.
Feel loved and spread love! ❤
Source of picture: http://www.moonstonesanctuary.massagetherapy.com/reiki-evolving-holy-fire