It’s happening, hopefully with a peaceful ending. People are starting to have enough of the corruption that’s everywhere in Romania. I can’t name one area of our Romanian society that isn’t corrupted right now, starting with politics, educational and health system, to religion and basically pretty much everything. Just to give an example I would say that going to public hospitals in Romania is sometimes worse than staying home. So much money put into the health system and still…there is no technology, no rules that are followed, no doctors to work with the brand new technology, no one to end the bribe system. That’s how Romania is these days, you bribe your way through anything. 

But we are waking up, we are changing this, we want freedom and justice. We had enough of our politicians that make laws just for themselves, we had enough of being used by others in whatever way is best for them. We had enough of paying taxes and getting nothing in return. After 27 years since the Ceausescu Revolution we seem to be doing it again. My body is far away in London but my soul is there with the people protesting for the 6th day in a row, so many of them. I know we can all make it this time! 
We will be free! 
Feel loved and spread love! ❤