Today I had my friend over, the one that just lost her father recently and she is in a sad place, feeling lost and alone. She called me a few days ago asking me if I know any therapist for her because she thought that she needed some counseling. She hasn’t been sleeping nor eating properly for the past month and she is getting exhausted by feeling the way she does. I’ve suggested her to meet me first and talk things through, maybe I could help. 

We went for a coffee today (empath at a mall-argh!) and did a bit of shopping to lift her mood up. The magic was happening and we were both laughing and enjoying the moment. After the evening that we’ve spent together I’ve asked her if she wants to come over so that I can help her heal with some Reiki. She knew I was doing it but she never got into details. She is not a person that would reject the idea, but neither did she believe in it, as being very helpful. She mostly had no clue what Reiki is about and how it could help her. 

After some more laughing at home we’ve got to serious stuff. It was time to take out the clean crystals and let my guides inspire me on which ones to use with her. The treatment started with her laughing at the ceiling and ended with a huge desire to sleep and an immense feeling of peace and love. 

Her heart chakra was more than blocked, no wonder, after what she went  through with her father. Every crystal I was putting on her was bringing her closer to the peace that she was looking for. At the end of the treatment I could see it in her eyes, the relief and the calm that she was feeling.

Helping others is a way of helping ourselves and I don’t have words to express how much happiness I’ve felt seeing her change like that after just one treatment. My light was shining and it was at it’s brightest! I’m again blessed to be able to heal someone’s pain by letting my guides and Divinity work through me. 

Well, what a night! First patient treated: success! ❤
Feel loved and spread love! ❤