I’ve had a night full of dreams and got to see so many people that I haven’t thought of for ages. Besides the random bits of dreaming where I was going to school camps again, then back in class, running around with the kids, having my hair washed by my patience learning partner I got up annoyed by all the things that I got to see. I’m kind of exhausted dreaming about this person so I got up thinking I need a short break from sleeping, hoping that my dreams will take me somewhere else this time. 

Eventually I fell back asleep and I was running, running like crazy with everybody else around me running even faster. Some type of disaster was happening with explosions and everything but there was no fear involved. I just knew I had to make it to the space craft. I’m not the type to watch SF movies and I don’t really have any interest in that field. But the ship we’ve got into was amazing. It was huge, like a city build for catastrophic events like that one that just happened and it was floating freely in the Universe. It had beautiful shades of blue on the inside and everything was shining metal. 

I had to wait for take off and only after that I could walk around and open the doors to rooms that had people inside. I remember there was a hallway where there were only maternity rooms, mothers and infants and I had to press two buttons on each door, one for the baby and one for the mother. It gave me the feeling that it had something to do with pressure. After dozens of opened doors I got to a huge room full of glass containers. There was a person in each container, standing still and patiently waiting for me to open the doors for them. Again, I had to push a few buttons for each container and the glass doors were sliding and letting people out. Everyone was so happy we’ve made it, we’ve escaped Earth and we’ve survived take off. While releasing the people there my thoughts went towards a dear friend of mine and I was wondering how I’m going to find him, since the ship was full with the entire population that survived. My spiritual guides told me then that it will be ok, me and him have arranged to use telepathy everytime we were missing each other. Even though it wasn’t possible to find him, we would still connect at some level.

And that’s how I woke up, feeling safe in this ship, happy that so many of us have made it, happy that I could open the door for those mothers and free the people that were in the glass containers.

Wow! I woke up wondering where this dream came from. I could still see the blue that was all over the place, the shinning lights and SF technology. I wondered if this dream was connected to the ones I kept having in my childhood where I could also feel a catastrophe that was about to happen and I could see all the remaining rumbas lined up and waiting to embark on a ship. Was the dream of last night continuing the recurring ones from maybe 20 years ago? Guides, I could use some help. Some clarification if that’s possible. If not, please take me on that ship again. I want to explore it some more! 
Feel loved and spread love! ❤

Source of picture: http://www.turbosquid.com/3d-model/ufo/