This year I chose to stay home for New Year’s Eve. I’ve been having a few offers from people but decided I would enjoy more to stay home with this friend of mine. She is busy getting ready to move out of the country so partying isn’t part of her plans right now and me…well, considering that I don’t really care about time, it was just another night, like all the others. 

Me and my friend spent the night before New Year’s Eve fulfilling one wish that I’ve been having for ages, to help a homeless person (don’t want to get into too much detail but it was I wish I was having since  forever and I finally got a chance and a person to help me turn it into reality). So the last day of 2016 found us both exhausted, after a long night of no sleep and a day full of cleaning. We couldn’t wait for midnight to come, to see some fireworks and then finally get some most needed sleep.

Midnight came, yay, pretty fireworks were lighting up the sky and, lucky for us, it didn’t take long for silence to settle back in. It was finally bed time and we’ve both crawled into bed like zombies.

She was fast asleep but me on the other hand…My energy was insane last night. Even thought I desperately needed to sleep I had to keep trying for 3 hours. I don’t have problems related to sleeping, only that sometimes, when I’m exhausted, it takes me a bit longer than usual to fall asleep. Last night was different, I was restless and I kept wondering what was happening. I could feel that there was someone trying to communicate with me but I didn’t get anything. I could hear bits of conversations from my guides but nothing relevant. Just chit chat with no apparent meaning. And then again, a complete silence that wouldn’t let me sleep. I thought maybe it’s someone’s else energy that I’m feeling, maybe someone’s got into trouble and I can feel it like being my own. Still, no answer. Frustrated, I gave up trying to figure it out, knowing that I will eventually find out what was happening to me last night. Morning came and I was finally blessed to be able to sleep. Thank you! Wow, what a night, ah? 

Happy new year!

Feel loved and spread love! ❤
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