I’ve had some busy days, like proper spiritual busy that I’ve been missing for so long. I had dreams that revealed so much to me and helped me understand where I stand right now and what I should do next. I had revelations that lifted a weight off my soul. They helped me heal parts of my past and make steps towards my life mission. 

Again I’ve been talking to different people about these things and some of them would say things like: “Omg, you are so special! You are an angel”. It’s something that makes me cringe. For example, a couple of months ago I had a dream about a car crash that was involving my patience learning partner. I could see exactly how it happened, I could feel the fear, closing my eyes with peace and waiting to die but we didn’t. I woke up knowing every single detail about the crash even the speed the car had at the ment of the impact. Last evening he called and told me he has been involved in a crash. Every detail was matching my dreams and my heart stopped for a second when I’ve realized how things have happened. Mixed feelings overwhelmed me, was I supposed to be grateful for the signs I had even thought no one knew about my dream? Grateful he was alive? Scared that I receive messages regarding events that are about to happen? Or just grateful for being able to understand these things? I’ve told him yesterday about it and he also wondered what’s special about me that I can see these things.

Well, no, I don’t feel special at all. Yes I hear, I see, I know, I feel different than others but that doesn’t make me special at all. I am indeed blessed to be aware of the gifts that every single one of us has, I acknowledge them and use them for my own well being and to help others if that’s possible, I am able to communicate with my guides because I listen. I am no different than anyone else and in my opinion Divinity is offering signs to all of us, it’s just that we don’t see them or take them as coincidence. I feel humbled realizing how things connect to each other, how people and events connect and how everything is brought together by love and good intentions. 

Over time and with lots of meditation and Reiki I’m able to connect with myself and receive whatever is being offered to me. I’m still struggling to know which messages I am supposed to pass on to the people that would need them. It’s a question I’ve been having for a while and my guides only say things like: “Do as you feel. If you want you can tell them and the ones that can understand the message will benefit from it.” Again, it’s up to me, a decision that I’m struggling to make, I don’t want to be an intruder in anyone’s life, I don’t want to create panic or to push people away. Anyhow, I’m sure that with time I will be able to know when it’s safe to tell and when it’s not. Practice and patience, my favorites. 

Feel loved and spread love! ❤