“Everybody’s rushing.” This is the thought that keeps coming back at me every year when the winter holidays are approaching. 

It’s crazy out there, so many people rushing around the shops, stressing to buy presents for everyone, stressing because of the queue, because of the prices, because of the abundance of other people that are as stressed as they are. 

December it’s a month of hibernation for me. I avoid shops and going out at all costs and I try to buy online everything that I need. Being an empath during the holidays can be overwhelming but again, I had to go out this past week and face the rushing world. 

I always wonder, why do people rush like this? Where is the joy of offering a present when you stress so much about it? Traffic is driving you insane for a start and that’s enough for some to ruin their shopping trip. I look at people and there isn’t any happiness in the air. To be honest it feels to me like this time of the year is the most depressing one for humans. I could be wrong but that’s how I feel their emotions, more depressed and lonely than ever. I can overhear conversations about planning, cooking, cleaning and many other complaints. Everybody is angry because there is so little time and so many things to do. 

And here I am…wondering why? Why all this? Why like this? Why does everything have to be so commercial about the holidays? Did we really forget how to have a good time without going insane with the stressing and spending? 

In Romania there is a phenomenon that’s repeating itself every year. I say Romania because I have no idea if it’s the same in the rest of the world. If you’ll watch the news here on the 26th of December you’ll hear about all the people that had way too much to eat and got to the hospital. Not to mention the drinking. It’s our way of doing it: in December we spend a one month payment on food and drinks and then live as cheap as possible for the next month. We go to extremes with this pattern and I’ve heard more than a few people that had no money at all after spending Christmas in style because, hey, what would the people think of us if we wouldn’t do it? 

I find it sad. Not only that others are starving while we stuff ourselves until we get sick. I find it even more sad that we’ve let the opinion of society about us control our lives. Where is the logic in that? Can’t we still enjoy it in a simple way? I would have so many rhetorical questions on this topic but I don’t want to bore you. 

No wonder they call me the Grinch lol. I’m having such a hard time explaining to people why I don’t enjoy the way holidays are being spent. Yes, I like seeing all the sparkling lights and jingle bells but I can’t agree with the lack of balance that is controlling our planet. I can’t agree with the way society is making us spend the holidays. If you ask me, we already have everything that we need to be happy: it’s in ourselves. No need for any opulence, no need to cook for 20 people when you only have 4 guests, no need to show off with anything. And the list could go on. 

I sigh and let it go, this year again, like all the years before. It’s how things work, at least for now. Meanwhile I can hope and pray that people find their peace and happiness without trying to buy it, drink it or eat it. I pray that the people that never got a present will someday be lucky enough to receive one from Santa. Until that happens, I’ll be here enjoying the holidays in my own way: having the people that matter close to me, loving and being loved. Sharing my all and accepting their all while staying away from the need to amaze anyone. Yes, I might be considered The Grinch but in reality I love this time of the year, it’s just that I do it in a different way than many others. 

Stay true to yourselves and enjoy this special time, in your best way possible. God bless you and….Merry Christmas! 
Feel loved and spread love! ❤