What a feeling when I talk to my friend about how far we’ve got in the past few years. By far I mean spiritually and emotionally wise, we’ve grown and we only now see all the connections that were there all the time. Why we’ve met, why we had particular people in our lives and we only now get to understand that the universe is always working towards perfection. There are no mistakes, never! I was so happy seeing her realize that everything that ever happened to her got her in a better place and around the people that were meant to help her. Her life has always been busy and she never really had the time to see all this, until recently.

Me and my friend spent the evening talking about old memories, about how we used to cry over nothings years ago, how we got our hearts broken by different people and how dark it all seemed back then. We recollected events that were both tragic and funny at the same time. All the “pain” turned into wisdom, our souls has broken through the human shield and have become more awake and free with each experience. We are able to laugh at ourselves now, how silly of us not seeing that everything is always turning out for our own best! 

We are making plans together, some of them sound completely unrealistic but my souls knows they are true. My body vibrates with every word that we speak, with every plan that is getting contoured. Yes, even though I never had a desire to move to the USA, my soul is telling me that I will get there eventually. It’s just a small piece of the puzzle that we’ve built this evening during our chat. 

I’m so proud of this friend of mine. She’s been through a lot, she’s been around people that caused so much pain to her, she’s been broke, almost homeless, desperate, depressed, suicidal and the list could go on. We’ve been next to each other during our best times but also during our hardest ones. The next week will be a life changing one for her because she’ll find out if she is allowed to leave the country to go to work in the U.K.! Her actual dream is living in the states but U.K. will be the first move because she also had some legal troubles that were stopping her from fulfilling her plan! I know for sure that she will get out of here because she’s spent the last few years proving Divinity that she deserves this shot! She’s grown and she is so much closer to her moment! She is shining! 

It’s such a bitter sweet situation! I love her to pieces, I am so happy to see her happy and following her dreams but at the same time I know that it will be hard for both of us. She’s one of the few friends that were next to me after my awakening but I know that our friendship would be the same even if we spoke daily or once a year. It’s a soul connection that has no time or geographical barriers! I know that she might be away from me for a few years but life will bring us back together very soon! We can both feel that and we are already day dreaming about that moment! It will be amazing! 

I’ve missed having these types of “almost spiritual” conversations with someone. A person that can see, feel and understand my point of view. Someone that has been through similar things as I have and that’s been next to me during a variety of situations. I’m blessed to have people like her in my life, they bring light just by being here and they remind me how connected everything is. Beautiful! 
Feel loved and spread love! ❤