Is coming back at me! Finally, I was missing it so badly and kept wondering where it was. Someone here, on WordPress, suggested that my higher self was busy working on something on a different level and that this was the reason why I was feeling so disconnected and empty. I know that’s true, my energy has been used somewhere else, that’s for sure, but I can’t quite figure out where. I can only guess because there were a few situations that might have needed a bit of help. 

Could it be because my friend received some divine help and she is about to accomplish a huge step towards her life dream? Or because  grandpa is over those first critical weeks and that he is slowly recovering? Or maybe because my patience learning partner has been absent during the past week (I doubt that we’ve learnt the patience lesson yet lol). Or because I finally had a quiet day in, just relaxing and going back to my old habits like Reiki routine, lighting candles, praying, enjoying my meditations and so on?  

I have no idea what happened during the time that I was feeling so low with my energy, nothing helped me connect to myself anymore and my only choice was to let time pass. Like always, things have settled down by themselves and I feel whole and blessed again! 
Feel loved and spread love! ❤

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