The health of grandpa didn’t improve since his stroke and part of that is because he denied any medical evaluation and treatment. You can read more about what’s happening here. He used to be a doctor and whoever is telling me that being a radiologist will shorten your life can think again. He worked almost 50 years of his life and loved every single moment of it. I think love and humor have compensated for the radiation that he was facing every day.

This time though I want to tell you about the nurses taking care of him. Me and my mother obviously had no clue about what to do and how to care for him and even if we did, it’s kind of hard considering he is a big man. It’s hard to move him, lift him, feed him etc. After realizing that everything is hard and heavy for us and that there is no way he would go to the hospital we were left with the struggle of finding carers for him, 24/7. It was such a complicated job for mom and she has used every single bit of her energy to solve this situation and to make sure there is always someone here to look after him. 

During the past week it’s been a parade in my house and I got to meet probably around 5-6 different ladies that brought both humor and light but also frustration in the whole situation. I am grateful for having here even the ones that don’t do anything and just sit and watch tv, even the ones that complain all the time, the ones that rape our fridge, the ones that sleep and snore to the point of waking up our neighbors. It’s a situation that makes me laugh. Yes, I could get angry and upset but what’s that going to bring? Any help is most needed and so welcome right now so I’m happy with all the different personalities.

If you still doubt the Divine Magic let me tell you that all these women are nurses that work with disabled kids. If you have been reading my blog you might know that I want to work with disabled kids myself and that I got a lot of help from my spiritual guides towards this goal. You can read more related to this topic here and here

Most of these ladies love what they do and have chosen this job because of their own personal struggles. Some have had some rough years or a tough childhood and others have kids with disabilities themselves. Last night I’ve spent hours talking to this lady that I’ll simply call Lady M. 

Her soul is a wonder to me and I have no ways of expressing how much she is contributing to the world, without knowing it. It’s not a secret that economy in Romania is @$&/@ up and none of these people make a fortune out of this job. I’ve overheard a conversation and found out that they get around 300 Euros a month. That’s ridiculous considering the love and care they offer to these kids in need. 

Lady M told me how she spends time feeding all the kids that she cares for even though the other nurses won’t. Why? Because they would have to change them after feeding them, if you know what I mean. Lady M will feed them because she knows it helps them control their emotions and behavior and she would then change them and put them to sleep. She is one of the few that will dress them all up and take them out for a walk. She doesn’t care that everybody else thinks she is crazy for putting so much effort and love into her job. She treats them like they are her own kids and knows each one of them by the way they breath. She knows when any of them are about to have an epilepsy crisis and I am sure she saved many lives. Her human side is so modest and humble even though her soul is so bright that is constantly giving me the chills. Whatever this woman would tell me could make me cry. Happy tears, tears of recognition of a beautiful human being, of another lightworker that has no clue about the spiritual side of the Universe. She is just happy to share and do everything she is doing. Who cares she was homeless? She would still get up and go to work every day, sharing her tiny piece of food with the disabled kids. She would take them to the hospital when they needed and she would comfort every single one of them.

There is no way someone wouldn’t love this lady. I’ve only got to spend a few hours with her and I could almost see her wings growing bigger and bigger during the conversations we were having, to the point that they didn’t fit in my house anymore. She cried telling me a bit of her life story but she is thankful for having her health that is allowing her to work and provide for herself, her husband and her youngest child.

Lady M speaks her mind and doesn’t care that she would risk her job by speaking out the truth. She is all for the kids and she would go through everything for them! 

All these ladies, with good and bad sides, are such an inspiration to me. Such a confirmation that I do want to follow my dream of working with disabled kids. They came as a nudge that I can almost hear: “Hey! Wake up! Life is busy but don’t forget your plans!” They represent such a huge help for my grandpa, my family and for my soul. They bring answers to my question and they revive my belief that the world is full of miracles, lightworkers in disguise and human angels. World is beautiful and full of love, even in the most unexpected environments. 

Romania, wake up and pay these people according to their role! Pay them for every kind thing they do for someone else and for every loving word they say! Pay them for being here and don’t let them lose hope with the system! Amen to that! 
Feel loved and spread love! ❤️

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