I am so curious if I’m the only one feeling like this. I’ve noticed that when my human life is speeding fast and many important events are happening (usually not so pleasant ones) I get this feeling of being split. I know, it sounds weird, right?

It’s a feeling of disconnecting from the spiritual side, even if it’s for an hour or a few days, and having all my energy involved into the human “problems”. That’s when I would get this feeling of being right between the two opposites, stuck in the middle and not being able to grasp onto any of them. Human side isn’t enough for me anymore but, at the same time, there is something holding me back from fully releasing myself into the spiritual realm. You might say this makes no sense by the way I’ve explained it but these are the best words I could find to discribe such a confusing pattern. 

 I wonder why things are happening this way? Why are there occasions when I can both be present in human form and spiritual form and others when they split? 

Intuition is telling me that it’s my energy being used during rough times and then recharging back into the spiritual side but my logic (which I’m trying to stop right now) isn’t happy with that answer. 

I’m trying so hard to understand this process even though I know the solution is to stop trying and just wait for the answers to come to me. 

Still, I would truly appreciate any personal experiences that you could relate to mine. Is anyone else feeling like this or knowing something about this? You never know, sharing yours might help us both in unexpected ways. 
Feel loved and spread love! ❤️