This is starting to feel like a miniseries and this episode continues the part 12 and 3 and I’m starting to enjoy it more and more, I’m loving how everything makes perfect sense and it’s  happening at the exact moment when it’s supposed to happen and in the perfect divine way. Person number 4 (you can read more about it here) only wanted to say sorry for saying some things years ago. Nothing really hurtful for me, just something that made me see that I don’t have important things in common with that person. So our exchange of messages this time only lasted for a few days until things were clear. 

Then silence came and I knew there was something up, I knew that silence brings a major energetic storm to me usually and it offers me time to get prepared. I was happily following my Reiki routine, having the best possible connection with my crystals and all my chakras were sparkling clean.

A few evenings ago, being in this exhausting rush with grandpa, struggling to take care of him but also of myself, I got some time to enjoy a delicious pine tea (my favorite). While searching WordPress I was interrupted by….Person number 3! He is a number 3 but he is the main subject of this lesson: patience. It started with him and apparently I was wrong believing it will not also end with him. I’ve thought he is gone forever since I’ve set things clear and decided it’s best for me to stop the evolution of the relationship. If curious you can read more about it in the first 3 parts of this miniseries. 


After sending him the “final text” I’ve let a day pass but I was struggling to feel that it’s an ended chapter. Yes, my ego wanted to end things with him so badly but my souls was at “no no” stage. A few more days have passed and I gave in and sent a simple message saying “Hi, how are things?”. I know it sounds childish considering that I’ve ended the contact and kind of told him to leave me alone but my soul needed to be in contact again so I’ve followed it, leaving any pride behind. The reply I got didn’t seem like he wanted to talk too much but I got to understand he is in another country with some business. 

I’ve felt like my job was done, I’ve opened the door and left it open, I was not upset with him so I just wanted to make that clear. A couple more days have passed and I’ve decided it’s better to delete his number because he didn’t contact me anymore and I’ve thought it’s another one of his silly pride games. It was better to me to stop my soul from pushing me into his direction. I bravely deleted the number, took a deep breath and prayed to let go.

A couple more days have passed and his name just came up to me in conversations with people. They were telling me about places and streets that had his name and it made me roll my eyes so many times.

Back to a few evenings ago, my night was interrupted by a message from Nr 3. This post will have no ending if I would detail the entire conversations we had since then so I will just write about the one that I think it’s the most important one because it confirms the messages I got from my spiritual guides. 

Last night we spoke for hours on the phone (I know that also creates strong energy cords-please don’t remind me) and I was so exhausted from the whole past week but somehow I decided to engage in conversation and I was completely honest about who I am and what I believe in. His first question came completely out of the context: “Are you spiritual?” and that was enough for both of us to start talking with our souls instead of egos. 

I was open about my ascension without giving too many details because he is not in the right moment to understand everything yet but he seemed interested. He knew a lot about spirituality but only experienced some of the things I was telling him about. We both believe in almost the same things, I do believe in more because I’ve seen it and experienced it for myself. He is at the stage when apparently everyone around him is trying to show him the spiritual side of the Universe and he is a bit scared to find out more.

I felt the need to be honest and tell him that during one of my meditations I have been told by my guides that “patience is the lesson” that will be learnt in our relationship. He also said that, many times during the conversations that we had before, the word “patience” just popped up in his head for no apparent reason. He added that his mother is struggling to turn him into a more patient person but he finds it hard to do.

 Bingo! I thank Divinity for the clarity I got in this situation and we were both amazed by how things happened, how we’ve met years ago and only saw each other twice, briefly and it didn’t take long to realize that we have more friends in common than we thought and that we used to go to the same social venues 10-12 years ago. It made us wonder why it took so many years to finally talk to each other since life was pulling us together for such a long time.

The whole situation is fascinating to me, no matter how hard I try to escape it, it keeps coming back at both of us and it will not stop until we learn what we have to learn: beautiful patience! It makes me see once again that everything is in a perfect order and every single person that we interact with has a special purpose in our life. I’m loving this feeling! 

I will be back with a post about a dream I had some time ago, when I was not in contact with Person number 3 and how I’ve put the pieces of the puzzle together and realized he was the one from the dream. Just wow! 

Meanwhile, God help us both to keep our calm in this situation and to follow our divine path until our mission together will be fulfilled. 

Feel loved and spread love! ❤️