What’s time when you don’t know if it’s day or night? 

If you don’t know if what happened yesterday was indeed just a day before or weeks ago?

 What’s time when you don’t sleep?

 When you care for a loved one that is about to move to another dimension? 

What’s time when you just pray they step into light without suffering? 

When your ego comes to life and wants them to stay at least an hour longer? 

What’s time when you see the fear in their eyes and want to comfort them but don’t know how? 

When everyone around you is crumbling to pieces and yet your soul is strong because it knows this is not the end? 

What’s time when you joke about death on a current basis and you’re trying to lift everyone’s spirit even with a simple smile? 

What’s time when there is no time? 

This is how I’ve got to see it for myself, there is no time. I knew the theory in which past-present-future are happening at the same time but it was something too abstract for my mind to understand it. As always, it’s hard to believe and understand something that can’t be proven to you. But these few days I’ve felt it for myself. Caring again for my dear grandpa made time disappear. By what others say it’s only been a few days. If you ask me these days feel like years or just a day, both at the same time. Strange, ah? I have these mixed feelings that the time has stopped and that it’s also running so fast. When is today? When was yesterday? It’s all happening now, in this exact moment.

As tragic as the event can be called it also brings light to my soul. Yes, it is a very sad situation for my family, to watch grandpa degrade day by day after having a stroke but somehow I’m standing strong. I’m blessed to be able to help anyone involved in this situation. Just caring for him, feeding him, talking to him and comforting him brings chills to my skin. It’s a feeling of knowing that I’m in this moment going through this situation to ease other’s pain. I know that just by loving everyone involved, hugging them when they cry or making them smile with my stupid jokes it’s part of my lightworker’s job

It started maybe a week ago when I’ve brought home a kitten. Grandpa loves animals so he walked in my room to check on Betty (that’s her name). As soon as he turned around to leave I had to say it:

“Be careful not to fall please” and I’ve closed the door after him. 

Two seconds later I’ve heard him fall and this was something new to us, he didn’t have a habit of falling around back then. I’ve immediately opened the door, saw him laying helpless on the floor and I’ve felt like someone else was taking control over the situation. A feeling of peace and love settled over me, a calm that could never be associated with a situation like that. I knew that it was all going to be ok, there was no need to freak out or to be scared. I’ve just prayed to help him and help came straight away. He couldn’t get up by himself and he couldn’t figure out a way of doing it. I’ve got my guiding from whoever was there with me (could be my spiritual guides, his guides, Archangel Michael or just the love and power of the Universe). I’ve told him how to stay and what parts of his body to move and then I knew I had to get behind him and lift him. 

“How on earth am I going to do this? He is so heavy” and the answer was offered to me by clairaudience:

“Don’t worry, I am here!”

And just like that, this superman-like entity took control over me and I’ve managed to make 100 kg of grandpa stand just like that, with no struggle at all. Trust me, I’m nowhere near to being able to lift so many kilograms by myself. As soon as I saw him standing and made sure he is safe I’ve ran to another room because I couldn’t stop the tears of happiness. I knew for sure that I’ve received help for him and someone very loving and caring was looking after both of us. I’ve got this feeling of bliss again, like the feeling I had during the nights and days of my awakening. And that’s how it all started, the days and night of looking after grandpa because his health deteriored since then. 

At the end of the day he is a positive person, a fighter that doesn’t give up and he has a sense of humor that brought him so far, close to turning 93 years old. I will be next to him for as long as it takes, making sure his human side is well looked after, well loved and I will always treat him the way he treats us: with humor, patience, calm and positivity. 

The Universe will solve this situation with the best outcome for everyone involved and that is a fact! Since he fell down for the first time I know we have divine help 24/7 and that we are all safe and at peace. I hope he can feel this too! 

I thank grandpa’s soul for showing and prooving to me the reality of time. I couldn’t have realized it without going through this situation! 

Feel loved and spread love! ❤️