I’ve always wanted to be invisible, just for one day, to be able to live even more freely than I’m already living, to be able to enjoy the planet in the ways I would like to and to observe humans and their behaviors without feeling like a creep. I will not add the fact that I also wish I could fly and teleport because there will be no end to the list of things that I would do. 

If I were invisible for a day:

I would get rid of clothes and use that hour of getting ready in better ways 

I would walk around busy boulevards and just look at the people walking by. I will look deep into their eyes trying to see what’s within them, what feelings they are hiding and why

I would visit work places of people to have a better understanding of the majority of people that work from 9-5. I would notice the dynamics and why frustration is building up in some of them

I would walk to a park and play in the grass like a dog. I would just lay there and look up to the sky, letting nature tickle every part of my skin. 

I would climb trees like I never really did when I was little

I would climb fences to see what’s behind them

I would spy on people’s conversations just because I find it amazing how different we all are and how each of us can react in certain situations

I would sit in a corner and watch a traditional family dinner. I would like to know if they do it just because it’s a habit or because they really enjoy the time spent together

I would spend hours looking at happy kids playing and fooling around

I would dive deep into a water (the river that is crossing my city) and swim while enjoying the  new feeling the freedom 

I would go inside old houses with old couples living it them. I would carefully chose the houses that have an antique interior and I would spend hours in there, admiring every piece of furniture, every mark that time left there and every detail

I would climb on top of the tallest building in the city and look down. I would look to know even better how small we truly are and how insignificant our day to day struggles are, be compared to the Universe. I would also look up to the sky, hoping to be part of the clouds and just breathing in the different air

I would walk through the woods, the steepest part of them, where no one has ever been 

I would attend birthdays of old people to see how they feel about it and what lessons they have to share 

I would sit in a church to observe the people getting closer to God 

I would go at a zoo and lay next to the tigers, lions and elephants (if we only had any in the Bucharest Zoo!). I would pet them and cuddle with them until we all fell asleep

I would walk around the city looking up to the sky, observing the sun, the clouds and the birds

I would attend a wedding to see them all cry of joy

I would dance in the rain or play in the snow like a child

I would sing as loud as I can and I would dance with my best moves, right in the middle of the street

I would try and catch a duck in the park to play with it, I’ve always thought they are so cute

I would go into every museum in the city and sneak into the parts that are not open for the public and I would touch every single object that says “do not touch” 
And last but not least, I will come back home praying I’ll also be able to fly and teleport the next day! 

Feel loved and spread love ❤️

I’ve found this amazing picture here: http://www.bleaq.com/2015/jordanna-kalman

It was hard to pick one for my post because I’m loving all of them.