During the past couple of months I went on school trips in dream land more than I ever went on in “real life”. Usually I get these dreams about school trips 2-3 nights a week. There have been dreams when I was little again, as well as my colleagues and other dreams when we all have the current age. 

I got to see the beach during these dreams, we also went to the mountains, we took the train, some of us missed it, we went on the tube, we’ve payed extra tax when checking in at the hotel and we did so many things together. In every dream that involves a school trip there are pretty much the same people going with me, most of them are school colleagues but there are also others that have nothing to do with that time of my life. 

It makes me wonder what all this is about? What is happening with these trips that I’m having every other night? Where am I going to and why? Why do the same people come up and what are the things that I’m working on while asleep? I have this feeling that my soul puts a lot of effort into these dreams, trying to repair something that I did back then? Or maybe say things that I haven’t said to these souls? Or maybe it’s just my karma cleansing process and I’m getting help to work on it during my sleep? 

Whatever the answer is, as much as I am getting  bored of the same people and same activities each night, I’m also feeling blessed that my dreams are so active. I know my guides are working with me and setting everything into perfect order. Just one request if I may ask…could we go to Disneyland tonight? 
Feel loved and spread love! ❤️