What can I say besides “perfect”? It was my second time visiting Rome but I was there last weekend for another purpose than the first time. 

Not long after my awakening I knew I had to go to Rome to visit Castel Sant’ Angelo and I related more to it as being the Mausoleum of Hadrian. I have received some messages from my guides about this place and my connection to it and I just had to see it for myself. Besides, as the “legend” says, Archangel Michael appeared there to end the plague in year 590. Being one of the Archangels that is close to me in many situations added to my fascination about the Castel. This place was calling me! I was there for 4 days and I’ve walked for such long distances that my feet were on fire. 

I was impressed by everything that I saw but, obviously, my favorite part was visiting Castel Sant’ Angelo. It truly felt like home to me, it made me feel so peaceful and every brick that was used to build this place was giving me a feeling of familiarity, every step that I took there felt like I had taken before. I took some time and sat down, close to the bridge that has statues of angels on both sides of it and just enjoyed the feelings that were coming at me. I couldn’t believe how much I wished to be there and it was finally happening. I could have spent days just sitting there, close to the water, and being one with Divinity. It raised my vibrations like few places do.

I’ve also spent a few hours walking around in the impressive garden and finally got to visit the inside of it too. Somehow it left me with a feeling that this wasn’t it, did I miss anything? Was there a part I forgot to visit? Is there a part that I am supposed to visit that isn’t open for the public? It also broke my heart seeing how history has changed this place and turned it into a fortress and museum. I wish I could travel back in time and visit it’s initial state and purpose: the tomb of the roman emperor Hadrian…

Guides? Some help please?! 

I hope you enjoy the pictures I’ve taken. It’s a truly magnificent place with a great vibe! 

Thank you Rome! 

Feel loved and spread love! ❤️