I’m writing this post to continue my story about patience learning. A bit over a week has passed since this person that’s supposed to learn patience with me reappeared in my life. I didn’t think I would need THIS MUCH PATIENCE to be able to carry simple conversations with someone. Every day feels like my limits are being tested while I feel like talking to a 3 years old. It’s amazing to me how people take my words, change them and try to use them against me. I wonder when someone will take for good what I have to say? This time I’ve been trying to explain that I don’t hide behind words and that what I say is what I think. But somehow it seems to not be pleasing enough. Some people just can’t stand the truth and they would rather spend hours imagining what’s behind simple words. Let me tell you: NOTHING! Is it that hard for someone to put the ego to sleep while having a conversation? If they would do it at least for a few minutes I am sure they would see things in a complete different manner. Why is it so hard to accept a “no” and why do people take it as a personal attack? So many questions that I would have to ask God…

This time I’m dealing with someone that’s so self confident that it blows my mind. Don’t get me wrong, I love self confidence but not when it reaches the limit of arrogance. Everytime we have a conversation there are things being said that would normally make me run as far and as fast as I could. But I take a few deep breaths and pray to learn or teach this patience lesson quicker. 

Meanwhile I keep meditating and hoping to receive more guidance but there is silence on the other end of the call. So I’m left with my Reiki routine, my chakra balancing and cleaning and with all the things that I know doing to “clean” myself from what doesn’t belong to me. Compared to last week, the whole situation feels way better, I’m more relaxed instead of frustrated and more at peace with whatever is going to happen.

Sometimes I wonder where all this is going to take me? Hopefully I’ll have a new lesson learned and it’s one that I honestly need.

Feel loved and spread love! ❤️