I’ve been having a rough couple of days and I’m wondering what’s causing all this. I don’t like complaining but acknowledging it and looking for a solution might help.

I went to a workshop on Saturday morning, something related to hypnosis. Being an empath around so many different type of people wasn’t the best choice and I wonder what I was thinking when I’ve decided to go? Saturday morning passed and I’ve spent the rest of the day trying to get all my own energy back and release what’s not mine. Things were starting to settle down again, energy, feelings and thoughts were starting to feel like they belonged to me again but evening came and it hit me again. 

Another person from the past started talking to me, after a few years. Back then we didn’t have any relationship at all, only bumped into each other a couple of times. But this time it’s different. It feels to me like this person is completely attached to me, on an energetic level. I feel and think whatever this person goes through and again, it feels like I’m not myself anymore. I’ve tried cutting the cords, meditating and trying to release this energy that isn’t mine. Still, nothing changed. I eventually gave up trying to cut these cords between the two of us, after intuition told me it’s a lightworker’s mission. I’ve prayed about the situation hoping to get some guidance and the only message I got was “Patience”. This is the lesson I am supposed to help this person learn but how? How on earth since I’m losing mine? I would rather believe that it’s the lesson we both have to learn, sounds closer to reality. How am I supposed to tell this person: “This relationship will not go into the direction that you want, it’s all about patience learning. Trust me, my spiritual guides have told me!”…How am I supposed to stick to my own feelings and thoughts and be able to spread light in the situation since I’m turning into someone else if I’m not careful…? Guides, I could use some more help here. 

I can only hope we both learn it as soon as possible so that we can each get our own energies back because this is no fun. Meanwhile I will try to keep myself as grounded as I can and I will keep practicing on how to differentiate between which energy is mine and which isn’t. Good luck to myself and….lots of patience learning!
Feel loved and spread love! ❤️