Sometimes I wish I could have all the people that I ever interacted with standing in front of me. I don’t think they would fit in a stadium but, hey, one can dream. I would have some things to say to them. 

“I am very grateful for having you in my life at the exact moment when that happened. That’s when you were supposed to be in my life and when I was supposed to be in yours. 

You taught me to love without boundaries and with no rules. 

You taught me to love without expecting anything in return. 

You taught me what a real friendship means. You were there for me when I was having breakdowns at 5 am and I was there holding your hand on hospital beds, at early morning hours. 

You taught me how to share everything (that was hard considering that I was an only child and never knew how to share), we’ve shared the same fancy plate of food or the same piece of bread when we didn’t have more. 

You taught me that traveling is a blessing that others don’t have. 

You taught me how to accept a “no” even if it hurts like crazy and it made Niagara Fall explode from my eyes many times.

 You taught me how it feels to be cheated on so I know not to cheat. 

You taught me how it feels to be lied to and turned me into a soft hearted person that would rather be painfully honest than deceiving.

 You’ve showed me what poverty is and how happy one can be without having much.

 You taught me art and ways of expressing myself.

 You’ve helped me in any way possible and made me see how beautiful it feels to help others. 

You taught me what mental problems are and how unhappy one can be. 

You taught me how to tell beautiful stories that would touch people’s souls.

You’ve taught me what addictions can turn me into and made me realize how precious I am to myself. 

You’ve taught me what a family is, what being a devoted mother means. 

You’ve taught me that money means nothing when you become ill. 

You’ve taught me that we are equal and we all have the same rights! 

You’ve loved me unconditionally even when I was treating you miserably. 

You were there when I wanted to ramble for months about my problems and it made me realize that talking it’s a major part of healing. 

You’ve taught me that I am not alone even if I was abandoned many times. 

You’ve taught me that expectations are selfish. You made me love you for who you were.

You taught me that your sexual or religious orientation doesn’t make a smaller person.

You’ve taught me that loneliness can be a gift instead of a curse.

You’ve taught me how to get up everytime I fell down and showed me how much stronger I have become.

You’ve taught me that saying hi to a stranger can change his life.

You’ve taught me how to help the ones in need by being by my side when I had nothing. You’ve taught me that human angels are indeed among us and I am sure you were one of them.

You’ve showed me how annoying it is to be late by being late yourself.

You’ve taught me that one can disappear from my life without any explanation and that it’s not the end of the world and there is no point feeling like that about it. 

You’ve taught me how love can save someone’s life, what suicide is and how important living is! 

You’ve taught me that every second counts to the ones that don’t have much time left.

You’ve taught me what devotion is.

You’ve taught me what humor is and how laughing can save any situation and heal any wounds, no matter how tragic it is, there will always be something funny about it! Always! 

You’ve taught me everything and I thank you for that!”

This list could go on forever, I honestly don’t think there is an ending to it. I am who I am today because I’ve met all these people, because I was put into certain situations and I went through challenges and experiences that “sculpted me”. I am in this moment now because everything that I went through, no matter how painful it was back then, was happening for my own well being. I think that’s one of the major things I’ve realized since awakening: God doesn’t give us more than we can carry, every single tear we shed today is going to make us smile after some time. Everything happens for a reason and every person we meet has a role. I am looking forward to the people that are about to enter my life and teach me more lessons. But to the ones I know….I take a bow, thank you for being there. I couldn’t have done it without you! 

Feel loved and spread love ❤️