The first days of my awakening I have been guided to write this book about my life. I can hear you think “Hmmm you are only 27” but, trust me, this human experience I had so far is more than complex and full of lessons so why not share them with others that might be where I was a couple of years ago? I truly know it will help many people with different struggles. 

I had this huge flow of creation and in about a month I wrote more than 100 pages. Reading back I know it’s not my brain doing the work, it’s spirit guided and it doesn’t sound like my conscious side had any involvement. It might sound weird but writing it didn’t make me think about what to say or what words to use at all. I just sat there and my hands were doing the typing. Obviously I know I was part of every single event from the book but the way it’s put out there is….just wow to me! So I wrote and wrote and wrote. During the last few days of writing I could feel I’m forcing it since I had to think hard to put a paragraph together and eventually I got to a stand still. 

I left a day pass, a week, a month but still, nothing changed and I could feel that whoever was guiding me write wasn’t next to me anymore, not in that form anyway. 

Time has passed and I kept wondering what I did wrong, why things are like this and what I can do to get the divine help again. Meditating and praying for an answer gave me the only clue. I’ve meditated one day after wondering what’s with this break from creativity when it comes to my book and the answer was simple and plain: “Page 47.”

“Page 47 of what?” I thought to myself and it didn’t take me long to realize it was the page 47 of my book. I’ve finished the meditation and jumped straight to the laptop. 

I was reading through page 47 blah blah blah and got to the last line on the page. It’s a phrase that changed my life when I was a kid and it was written with capital letters. My intuition was telling me I didn’t “Forgive, forget and let go” of that event, like Sophia has taught me. I went straight to work for the next days and did my best to let that event go and release all the negative energy it brought to me and to any other people involved. 

But still…. nothing changed. Now I’m wondering if what I wrote from page 47 on was not divine guidance since I’m not helped to write any further. Maybe I need to sit down and start rewriting from page 48…Hmmm I must admit it’s confusing but, in the end, maybe I still need to learn some things before continuing my path. Until then I will keep being devoted to my meditations about and pray for some guidance. Only time will tell and when I will eventually be ready to finish the book I know I’m going to be the happiest that I can be! 

Feel loved and spread love! ❤️