It is not the first time I am seeing spirits in action while riding an Uber. The first time the whole experience didn’t last for long but I think I’ve managed to pass on a message from the deceased mother of the driver. It left me covered in chills and feeling blissful. I knew the light was shining bright upon the unresolved son-mother situation.

But this evening things have left me frustrated. The ride home was covered in silence since I was deep into reading some blogs here. At one moment I could feel my ears popping and intuition told me to ask whoever was making them pop: “What do you want me to tell him?” The response was short and clear: “He works too much.”

We were very close to the final destination and I could feel panic growing on me as I thought to myself “How am I going to tell him this? Omg I can’t get out of the car without passing the message on!”

Awkward enough after 20 mins of silence I’ve asked him about his job at Uber and Thank God he was open about it. I’ve asked if it’s his only job and he replied “Ohhh no…I have many jobs..”

“Bingo, I thought to myself, but now how do I say it?”

I’ve managed to ask him: “What about your free time, do you have any?” He looked in the mirror at me like I was some creep trying to hit on him. Thinking back at the words I’ve used it makes me laugh but right then I was desperate to pass the message on. 

After seeing his reaction I’ve decided it’s time for me to choose my words more carefully but before being able to do that we got to my destination. He did say Uber was a job just for one year and that he will stop doing it soon. I hope that’s pleasing enough for the spirit. I went upstairs in my home feeling like it wasn’t over, it needed closure and I couldn’t do it. Argh! Frustration, go away! 

And now my questions to the people out there that have more experience in passing messages to people, what’s the best way of saying it, that would be ok for the receiver, the sender and myself? Is it best to say “you know what, I am receiving this message from a spirit” or just act like it’s your personal opinion? Or is there any other way? 

 The first scenario could make you sound like a weirdo while the second one would be creepy, like an intruder in someone’s personal life. 

What’s your way of passing the message on to people that have no idea that you are able to connect to someone’s higher self, soul, spirit, guide, whatever it is? I can’t wait to hear any opinion or advice!
Feel loved and spread love! ❤️